• Some things you do for money and some you do for love love love
  • Derek throughout the ages
  • I just wanna use your love tonight.
  • we play oregon trail on our macintosh and windows 93.

  • The dragons do not dream. The dragons are dreams. They do not work magic; it is their substance, their being. They do not do; they are.
  • It is one thing to read about dragons and another to meet them.
  • Don't mind me, just working on some character development...
  • Always speak politely to an enraged dragon.

  • see you watchin', don't run outta time now i'm the one.
  • see patience is a virtue & i'm all out of time right now.
  • she said not if you're a millionaire & i swear I fell in love right there.
  • u make me so so sad i'm talkin' waterfalls.

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  • SoulCollage®: Shaman
  • SoulCollage®: Evolving Self
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  • You and Your Pussycat Eye Eye Eyes

  • I wanna fall in love but only for tonight ♡
  • Nothing is perfect but your imperfections are quaint ♡
  • rp directory ♡
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  • and i stood on my toes to catch a glimpse...
  • skin from a snake, blood from a stone...
  • i'll wrap myself around...
  • hold tight or overboard we'll go...
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  • fa la la
  • you were talking like it was mad love to you
  • all i want is to feel again
  • Summer Trip w/ Luke.

  • Fool- Børns
  • for just-a-reject-x
  • Wild- Troye Sivan
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go- Wham!
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  • {BDS} I didn't have the strength to ask you I hesitated for too long and by the time I found my courage the moment was gone
  • {BDS} tell me how am I gonna steal back your heart
  • {WW} LUST. / Kendrick Lamar
  • DUCKWORTH / kendrick lamar
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